Breitling Emergency II Watch: For The Adventure Traveler

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Breitling Emergency II watch

You may be asking why I’m writing about a watch, when you and I know this is a travel blog.  You see, this watch (Breitling Emergency II) is for the traveler, more specifically, the adventure traveler that goes where few others dare and in doing so, there is always the possibility of being stranded and needing a rescue.

Adventure travel is a great way to get a natural high, but it can be dangerous and expensive.  If you ever do get stranded, the Breitling Emergency II watch is a great way to help a rescue team find you.  The watch comes with two built-in emergency signal transmitters that send out a 121.5 MHz analog and a 406 MHz digital signal.

The digital signal is sent out to low-orbiting satellites that forward the signal to the nearest emergency rescue team.  The analog signal, with a 90 nautical mile range, is sent to ground and air search teams, to pin-point your exact location.  To activate the emergency beacon on the Breitling Emergency II watch, simply twist off the nob at the bottom of the watch and pull out the two antennae, the watch will automatically send out both signals, alternating between the digital and analog signals, for 24 hours.

The Emergency II watch is a great safety gear for any adventure traveler, the watch is not only functional for everyday use but also great for those sticky situation where only a professional rescue team can get you out.  No word on prices yet, but I’m sure it’ll cost over $5,000 (at least).  Via: UnfinishedMan/Breitling

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